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Complete Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Improve driver productivity and vehicle security with GPS tracking systems.

Compatible Tracking Devices for All Vehicle Types

Benefits of using Fleet Management Systems

Every fleet business has operational challenges that require time, energy and resources to overcome. SpartanTracker fleet management systems help businesses to streamline their operations regardless of the size of the fleet.

Reduce Fuel Costs
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Improve Productivity
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Decrease Accident Cost
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Improve Routing
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Manage Your Vehicle Fleet

It is no secret that some of your employees are more productive than others. But fleet drivers can be educated using actual location, speed and driver behavior data. Fleet management systems allow you to view the real-time location of your drivers anytime and hold every driver in your fleet to the same productivity standards and increase every employees’ value for your business using SpartanTracker for accessing data in a visual manner; reports on usage and vehicle maintenance, speed violations, mileage and driver performance.

Monitor Driver Behavior Eliminate Idling Completely

Healthy cars and trucks stay on the road longer. When you keep track of the location your vehicles, mileage done and field employees’ driving behaviour, you know for sure that all your vehicles are performing at maximum efficiency and being properly maintained. With the use of our driver identification system, drivers changing vehicles will never lead to an incomplete picture of their driving behaviour. Each driver in your fleet gets a unique key fob, which they will have to scan to turn on the engine before going out for a work trip.

Location, Fuel, Driver & Sensor Tracking

View vehicle location and address, fuel levels (optional), driver behaviour, speeding and idling, temperature and humidity levels (optional) in cold storage lorries in realtime using Spartan Tracker.

SpartanTracker – Available on PC, Tablet and Smartphones.

Why Businesses Choose Spartan Tracker Security

Live Location Tracking

If it moves, you can track it in real-time and locate it instantly from anywhere in the world using SpartanTracker software.

Improve Productivity

Increase every field employee’s value for your business with easy-to-understand driver performance reports.

Geo – Fence Zones

Geo-fences allow you to draw a polygon around any area you choose to get notified if a vehicle breaches that area.

Driver ID

RFID key fob driver monitoring system for driver identification.

Low Baterry Consumption

Our trackers do not drain the vehicle baterry.

Humidity Sensor

Monitor humidity levels in food trucks and trailers.

Bonnet Sensor

Get notified if the engine compartment is open.

Door Sensor

View in real-time if the vehicle’s doors are open or closed.

Diagnostics Data

View vehicle diagnostics data and engine error codes.

Fleet Management Packages & Pricing

Direct purchase fleet tracking packages include the tracking device, and UK & EU connectivity (SIM Card), requires SpartanTracker software subscription which costs £6.99 per month. Contract based packages include the device, connectivity and software necessary to start tracking vehicles and includes SpartanTracker service.


£ 114,98


£ 139,98

Plug and play

£ 139,98
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